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abraham center of life
[email protected]

Company Information :
abraham center of life
24123 Boerne stage rd. 205
san antonio, TX 78257
Ph. 1-800-488-3238

Media Contacts:
jennalee Ryan

World's First Donor Created Human Embryo Bank - The Abraham Center Of Life - Opening In San Antonio

For Immediate Release

SAN ANTONIO/EWORLDWIRE/July 28, 2006 --- The Abraham Center of Life L.L.C., a center for infertility, announced the opening of the world's first human embryo bank. At the bank, donor-created embryos are available to infertile couples and are shipped to the recipient parents' medical clinic for implantation.

Until now, the only embryos that have been available for donation, also referred to as adoption, have been discarded embryos left over from in-vitro fertilization (IVF) cycles involving infertile families. Issues with this technique include incredibly low success rates (approximately 30 percent) and the emotional attachments that the infertile genetic parents sometimes have when relinquishing genetic offspring to strangers.

With donor embryos, the success rate is approximately 70 percent, without the discomfort of involving the biological parents. The cost is approximately a third of the cost of adoption (which often has complications such as drug and alcohol use during pregnancy, genetic mental illnesses, fraudulent birthmothers and those that change their minds) and approximately a third of the cost of IVF using an egg donor.

The creation of the embryo bank will allow couples that cannot afford adoption or other infertility treatments an opportunity to have a family.

More information is available by contacting Jennalee Ryan at 210.698.6604 or by visiting www.theabrahamcenteroflife.com.

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Jennalee Ryan
Abraham Center of Life
24123 Boerne Stage Rd. 205
San Antonio, TX 78257
PHONE. 210-698-6604
EMAIL: [email protected]

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SOURCE: The Abraham Center of Life, L.L.C.


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