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Supersonic Media
[email protected]

Company Information :
Supersonic Media

New York, NY 10003
Ph. 347 768 0883

Media Contacts:
SuperSonic Media
Ivy SuperSonic
[email protected]

PHOTOS ATTACHED: Supersonic's Moves Include One To Murdoch’s Doorstep In Pursuit Of Justice

For Immediate Release

NEW YORK/EWORLDWIRE/Oct. 30, 2006 --- Driven by her personal intensity and focus, Ivy Supersonic - Designer of Characters for Animated Cartoons and hat designer for the stars - is relentless in her pursuit of settlement of her ten million dollar lawsuit against Rupert Murdoch's Fox conglomerate for the alleged theft of her cartoon character Sqrat (http://sqrat.net ) aka Scrat (http://scrat.com), a witty character featured in the cast of the Ice Age Movies (Case # 04401 Court of Appeals, Second Circuit, NYC).

During the past 45 days, Supersonic has traveled cross country making appearances on TV and in photo shoots in her efforts to build publicity about her and her cause. Aside from popular mainstream shows like Miami Ink on TLC and the Dr. Keith Ablow Show, Supersonic will be exposed in the November 8 Issue of Steppin’ Out Magazine as "Model of The Week."

Her unflagging campaign has taken her to the doorstep of Murdoch's Fifth Avenue Manhattan residence. Along with her own efforts to reach Murdoch including e-mailing, messenging, mailing, UPSing and FedExing, Supersonic’s efforts have been spotlighted by YouTube video (http://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=ivy+supersonic&search=Search) produced by comedian Macio titled: "Interview About How Fox Stole Ivy's Scrat."

After MySpace went to Murdoch for well over half a billion dollars, coverage of the highly popular social networking site included a story by Variety Magazine's editor Don Waller in the form of a half page article entitled "Music's Space Race" during the week of the Oscars in March 2006. Always thinking creatively, "Warrior" Supersonic took her campaign for "Justice" ironically to the same page, purchasing a weekly half page ad in Variety Magazine (see attached) adjacent the story so Murdoch, MySpace, Ice Age, Supersonic and her scrat.com shared the entire page together.

“Mr. Murdoch has rebutted my attempts to work this out,” stated Supersonic. “Even my invitations to discuss this over lunch have gone unanswered - now I'm shredding Murdoch like it appears documents related to my case were shredded.”

Supersonic isn't alone in her perceptions. According to Jerome D. Silberstein, formerly owner of Silberstein, Awad & Miklos, "A criminal investigation of Fox's efforts to manufacture evidence [that they came up with the idea independently] might be very productive."

To view the videos from Miami Ink and the Dr. Keith Ablow Show, click the links on Ivy's home page at www.ivysupersonic.com. Ivy can be reached at [email protected] or at 212.780.3329.

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Ivy Silberstein
Supersonic Media
PHONE. 212.780.3329

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SOURCE: Supersonic


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: Rupert Murdoch is Ivy's Friend (size: 0.0 kb)
Supersonic's clients and personal friends

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Photo: Rupert Murdoch's Friends From Murdoch's MySpace Page (size: 0.0 kb)
Ivy Supersonic has taken her campaign against Rupert Murdoch to Murdoch's MySpace page

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Photo: Supersonic and Rupert Are Friends For A "Variety" Of Reasons (size: 0.0 kb)
Supersonic campaigns against Murdoch takes ad in "Variety during Oscar's Week, March 6 through March 12, on the same page as Rupert Murdoch's MySpace article


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