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Supersonic Media
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Company Information :
Supersonic Media

New York, NY 10003
Ph. 347 768 0883

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SuperSonic Media
Ivy SuperSonic
[email protected]

PHOTOS AVAILABLE: SCRAT.com Appears On Howard TV And Ivy Supersonic Rebels Against Rupert Murdoch

For Immediate Release

NEW YORK/EWORLDWIRE/Nov. 6, 2006 --- Among the many reasons to splurge for the penny, Howard TV will be featuring footage from his 50th surprise birthday party, arranged by Robin Quivers, with help from Feathered Hat designer and publicist Ivy Supersonic, and her fight against Rupert Murdoch for allegedly stealing her cartoon character, Sqrat (Case # 04401 Court of Appeals, Second Circuit, NYC). In an attempt to shock Murdoch, Ivy features ever popular adult film Star Gina Lynn and other nude models sporting the SCRAT.com logo, reminding Murdoch of his pending lawsuit for trademark and licensing infringement case (Case # 04401 Court of Appeals, Second Circuit, NYC), brought by Ivy Supersonic.

Ivy, known as the woman of many hats, with the help of her art team, travels with a team of naked models to remind the public of the alleged injustice that she is enduring. Ivy Supersonic has now appeared without the shirt on her back, "which is what Fox and Murdoch is apparently trying to leave me without."

Fox is featuring the Scrat on Kellogg's cereal boxes to market to children. Ivy, while featuring the SCRAT.com logo on naked adult film stars, is "clearly exposing the vulgarity of Fox's business ethics while choosing to market a controversial children's character" - a character by which Webster's Unabridged Dictionary, defines as "an unsavory character or hermaphrodite."

Watch Howard Stern's TV promo (commercial) starring Ivy Supersonic's Scrat.com feathered hat models with adult film star Gina Lynn on Howard Stern on Demand at this link (click under the campaign bus photo where it says promo).

Ivy Supersonic's Scrat.com models made an appearance at the launch of Howard Stern's Film Festival to present on stage with Howard Stern the prize money to the winners and runners-up.

To view the photos, click the links on Ivy's home page at www.ivysupersonic.com. Ivy can be reached at [email protected] or at 212.780.3329

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Ivy Silberstein
Supersonic Media
PHONE. 212.780.3329

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SOURCE: Supersonic Media


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Ice Age 2 Frosts Kellogg Box


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