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Supersonic Media
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Supersonic Media

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SuperSonic Media
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PHOTO AVAILABLE: Howard Stern Hosts Ivy Supersonic Who Meets George Takei For The First Time: Star Struck, Star Trek And The Twilight Zone

Supersonic, hat designer to the stars, takes her campaigns to the radio icon - who displays her on his home page - and finds herself labeled the "Personification Of A Las Vegas Billboard" by a television icon.

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NEW YORK/EWORLDWIRE/Dec. 15, 2006 --- A personal appearance by Ivy Supersonic in Howard Stern’s studio on Monday led the renown radio personality - along with Stern's sidekick, Robin Quivers, and the public - to question the sometimes eclectic/sometimes eccentric Ivy’s mental health (hear the interview by following a link from 'http://ivysupersonic.com/gallery/album12'). Recently Supersonic has been ardently working to publicize her campaign against the Fox conglomerate owned by Rupert Murdoch and against a tenant renting living space in her Florida apartment. For nearly 20 minutes, Supersonic engaged in banter with callers and studio guests about her experiences and the exploits - or exploitation - of those she's become synonymous with.

Earlier this year on a previous stint on Stern, Supersonic spun a tale about The Simpson's Sam Simon. Supersonic met Simon while helping Robin Quivers throw Howard's private surprise 50th birthday party and Sirius Satellite Radio launch at the Chelsea piers in New York. Supersonic reports that Simon drew a Simpson's caricature on her stomach right next to her Kat Von D Miami Ink Ivy Supersonic cartoon tattoo - Simon warmed up to her after hearing about the Fox debacle, and with promises of helping her find qualified legal representation and helping take Supersonic to Comedy Central along with getting her deals for her other cartoons, she consummated the agreement which subsequently dissolved.

"Sam Simon is not a man of his word - he is a man of many words that do not hold true. He said Howard Stern asked him to be a writer on the show," Supersonic said. "He was considering it but said he would not do it unless I had a starring role as his wife."

During Monday's show, Supersonic remained steadfast in her rebuke of the misappropriated "Scrat/Sqrat" character (Case # 04401 Court of Appeals, Second Circuit, NYC), as she battled several callers and in-studio tricksters during the show. Noting Supersonic's intensely agitated state, and after assurances from Ivy that she's not under medical care, Stern lavished compliments on Ivy. Commenting on her fashion sense after the show, Stern said, "You have the highest taste level."

Former Star Trek star and Stern’s guest of the week, fellow guest George Takei voiced his own opinion about Ivy, on meeting her for the first time, “She is the personification of a Las Vegas Billboard.” Stern’s overall title for her is: “Ivy Supersonic, a hat designer and friend of the show.”

Stern was right on track when he repeated the flamboyant woman was simply, “A Doll.” She gifted Stern with a $3,000 dollar gift certificate from Revolution Air - competition to Blue Star and Marquis - applicable toward a future flight to the Hampton’s with his family, along with one for Quivers. Ivy addressed Quivers' concerns about her mental state with comments about being "misunderstood." Supersonic stands by her sanity: at the young age of 14, Ivy was told by a psychologist she "could be a Russian spy."

Supersonic’s latest Inkapade: On the start of today's Jewish holiday Chanukah - representing God’s Miracles - beholds Supersonic's "Believe in Miracles” tattoo receiving life from world renowned and celebrity tattoo artist Mario Barth. "The words are conceptual, spirited and have energy flow like the way I design - by stream of consciousness. The tattoo I got for the face of humanity - it’s the knowledge and power of vision to be able 'see it, be it and live it.' Like Anthony Robbins, the strength lies within and the strength has the power to change my life and yours. Howard told me no more tattoos - Howard is someone to me that I would listen to because he's brilliant and is someone who knows what he’s talking about. But the opportunity created itself for me to be inked for life by Barth - one of the most influential artists in the history of tattooing, at his shop in New Jersey today, and I am an opportunist and not one to miss out on an opportunity."

Continuing Supersonic's tirade of the last few weeks - and her multi-year struggle against Fox to regain her "Sqrat/Scrat" character, she is extending a notice to any potential robbers. "I have drills, chain saws, sandblasters, and Paul Santana's extensive team of Perfect Security bodyguards," states Supersonic. "Along with a degree from Columbia university, Santana holds a Seventh Degree Black Belt and the title for World's Fastest Knockout with 3.2 seconds. He is a former Japanese Olympian, a former state kick-boxing champion and was undefeated six years in row - he is the only real terminator.

"I finally met my match. I’d advise no one to even remotely consider taking me on- but Santana himself. He’s the only one up for the part. Anyone who wants to rob me must know my men aren't the ones that they'll need to worry about as I'm the one in front with the chain saw." She concludes with the following: "I can't find the appropriate justice in the police, lawyers, judges or anyone else for that matter. I will take any potential robbers down - it doesn't seem like there is any justice system, so I'm going to create my own."

Supersonic's newly created blog is available at 'http://ivysfanmail.blogspot.com'. To view detailed photos and graphics related to these stories, click the links to the photo gallery on Ivy's home page at www.ivysupersonic.com. Supersonic and her Feathered Head Fashion show Videos- featured models: The Grammy’s Soy Bomber & the late Fred Berry aka ReRun of “What’s Happening “ at 'http://ivysmedia.com/fashionshows/'. Ivy can be reached at [email protected] or at 212-780-0582.

Supersonic will appear on Howard TV On Demand in January, 2007. Click here for a preview of Supersonic's appearance on Howard Stern 'http://ivysupersonic.com/gallery/album12/Howard_Stern_s_Home_Page_Dec_11_2006'.

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Ivy Silberstein aka Ivy Supersonic
Supersonic Media
PHONE. 212-780-0582
[email protected]

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Supersonic's newly created blog is available at http://ivysfanmail.blogspot.com


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