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Clever Industries LLC
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Company Information :
Clever Industries LLC
601 Van Ness Ave, E3613
San Francisco, CA 94102
Ph. 510-868-2862

PFS Aerospace Signs Up to Participate in Google XPrize Moon 2.0 Return to the Moon Contest

For Immediate Release

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif./EWORLDWIRE/Sep. 17, 2007 --- PFS Aerospace T ('http://www.personalflightsystems.com') today announced that the company had signed up as a participant in the Google Xprize ('http://www.xprize.org') MOON 2.0 return to the moon contest. Entrants are required to launch a private space vehicle and deploy a robotic broadcast unit on the surface of the moon. PFS brings patent issued and patent pending novel launch and deployment technologies to the effort, along with a dedicated intention to win the grand prize.

PFS technology, parts of which are still under wraps, uses the PFS Launch Ring Array which rises at ten meters per second squared for an indefinite period of time to create a constant escape speed and exit the Earth's gravity. While not as dramatic as a Titan rocket, much quieter, and much slower too, it is "really, really cost effective," according to the company representative, Sally Pete. Pete states that roaring rockets are not required to escape the Earth's gravity and that the company's simple 'slow-but-sure" method will get it to space in a very cost effective manner.

To traverse the distance from the Earth to the Moon the company plans to use a different technology which incorporates an ion collision and nano-powder engine. The moon landing and rover uses an inflatable technology. Because PFS plans to have the "slowest spacecraft in the race," it plans to launch as soon as possible. Pete states that the physics all say it works; small tests prove it works - first generation versions have worked so the "odds are in our favor."

PFS calculates the cost to be under $10M for two spacecraft, which would leave a $10M profit for the company if it wins the grand prize. PFS is seeking project partners for the effort in various specialties including telemetry, micro robotics and related disciplines. The company is also offering sponsorship buy-ins to offset costs. Space tests could be conducted within 18 months if all funds are acquired.

PFS is Silicon Valley start-up team of specialist engineers and systems developers with over 90 years of cumulative experience. Team leaders developed the EARTHSTAR(TM) inflatable satellite system, the ion nano drive, the patented pulse engine and other industry leading firsts.

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Sally Pete
PHONE. 510-868-2862
EMAIL: [email protected]

KEYWORDS: Google, Moon, XPRIZE, Contest

SOURCE: PFS Aerospace


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