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Habitat for Horses, Inc.
[email protected]

Company Information :
Habitat for Horses, Inc.
P.O. Box 213
Hitchcock, TX 77563
Ph. 409-935-0277
Fx. 409-935-0424

Habitat for Horses Gelding Assistance Program

Habitat for Horses, a non-profit equine protection organization based in Texas, has launched a new program to help Texas horse owners with the cost of gelding their horses.

For Immediate Release

HITCHCOCK, Texas/EWORLDWIRE/Oct. 25, 2007 --- Habitat for Horses, a non-profit equine protection organization based in Texas, has launched a new program to help Texas horse owners with the cost of gelding their horses.

The Gelding Assistance Program (GAP), similar to low-cost spay and neuter programs routinely available for dogs and cats, will provide financial assistance to horse owners who wish to geld their horses but need help with the $90 to $150 cost. Eligibility is based primarily upon recommendation by the horse owner's veterinarian.

"With nearly a million horses in the state of Texas, there is a real need for a program such as this to help manage our state's horse population," said Jerry Finch, president of Habitat for Horses. "On an individual basis, gelding can prevent the financial strain of one too many horses."

Finch said there are many other compelling reasons to geld. "Geldings are usually far better behaved than stallions, more consistent in temperament and easier to handle."

In addition, because of the aggressive and challenging nature of stallions, owners are often faced with the serious difficulty of keeping frustrated stallions confined and isolated from other horses.

"But a gelding can live perfectly with other horses," explains Finch, "and since horses are extremely social, it's a much better existence."

Though many horse owners are reluctant to acknowledge it, their horse is very unlikely to sire a world champion. Experts agree that about 90 percent of male horses are not suitable for breeding stock. "Gelding helps maintain a better gene pool," says Finch, "as well as control our horse population."

Horse owners and veterinarians interested in the Gelding Assistance Program should contact Habitat for Horses at [email protected]

Habitat for Horses is a 501.c.3 nonprofit covering Texas, Louisiana, Northern Florida and Oklahoma with around 1,000 dedicated members. The organization provides equine rescue services to law enforcement agencies throughout the state of Texas, an active equine adoption program, and an equine education center. For more information, contact Habitat for Horses at 866-434-5737.

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Jerry Finch
Habitat for Horses
P.O. Box 213
Hitchcock, TX 77563
PHONE. 409-935-0277
EMAIL: [email protected]

KEYWORDS: horse, equine, gelding, stud, nonprofit, non-profit, horse slaughter

SOURCE: Habitat for Horses


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