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XCEO, Inc.

Company Information :
XCEO, Inc.
2880 Lakeside Drive
Suite 253
Santa Clara, CA 95054
Ph. 408.855.0000
Fx. 408.855.0004

Corporate Governance Performance Evaluation Program From XCEO Is Valuable Leadership Evaluation Tool For Directors And Executives Worldwide

Beyond SOX 303 And Compliance, XCEO Inc. Recognizes Improved Board Leadership Is Imperative.

For Immediate Release

SANTA CLARA, Calif./EWORLDWIRE/Jan. 8, 2009 --- XCEO Inc. presents the Enlightened Corporate Governance Board Performance Evaluation Program. This time of economic turmoil presents a wonderful opportunity for boards, directors and executives to implement thoughtful and effective performance evaluations in order to improve performance and increase shareholder value.

The XCEO Enlightened Corporate Governance Board Performance Evaluation Program is completely Web-based with electronic evaluation exercises which provide a reflective and creative evaluation process. All of the exercises are fully automated and integrated into a rich on-line system. The system provides complete anonymity, and the tool protects the privacy of each director as well as the entire board.

The performance evaluation questions are derived from a perspective developed from within the boardroom and do not follow the same path as most current questionnaires. The questions are designed to be thought-provoking. They are intended to be unique, or at least different, from the traditional questions one finds on board surveys. XCEO seeks efficiency and effectiveness, while offering boards a different perspective than they might otherwise obtain.

As a sitting director, Dr. Curtis J. Crawford, CEO of XCEO, Inc. realizes that boards will seldom achieve much more than they expect. "When a board does not expect, encourage and inspire great performance from its individual directors, it most likely will never achieve great performance itself." He goes on to say that "when the board does not expect great performance of itself, it will potentially jeopardize the performance of the company because of its difficulty to inspire the team to deliver great results."

The XCEO program provides a powerful opportunity for board members to assess their performance and share it as they deem appropriate. Directors may choose to restrict their results for their own personal use, or they may share them with select colleagues via e-mail to ascertain a broader perspective.

Five Reasons to Enroll in the Program:

1. The easy-to-use interface allows maximum convenience for busy directors and executives. For all board contributors, total automation and web-based exercises provide complete flexibility and makes performance evaluations comprehensive and effective, yet straightforward and uncomplicated.

2. Information and results are secure, privacy is rigorously defended and all information may be stored or kept indefinitely, depending on the wishes of the board.

3. The results from the exercises are designed to be reflective and encourage discussion. Graphs and reports provide a baseline for the board and directors to use as tools to enhance their performance.

4. Several exercises allow the director to compare his or her results with the aggregate results of his or her peers. These results provide an opportunity to be used in conjunction with other tools to enhance the overall board performance.

5. The IDP 360 and Peer-to-Peer exercises are leading edge offerings that are sure to break new ground in the boardroom. Not only are directors able to solicit feedback from other directors on the board, they are able to incorporate the input from the executive team as well as directors from other boards.

About XCEO Inc.

Based in Santa Clara, Calif., XCEO Inc. performs research, product development, and consulting services for corporate governance and board leadership development and professional mentoring and personal leadership development.

XCEO Inc. implements these products and services via a comprehensive set of well-defined principles and practices which encourage board directors, highly enlightened executives and high-aspiration individuals to accelerate toward extraordinary levels of performance and personal achievement.

The XCEO extreme personal leadership, Professional Mentoring Programs, assist high-aspiration individuals in developing personal career and development plans to achieve senior executive level positions.

The XCEO enlightened board leadership, Corporate Governance Programs, provide boards and individual directors, with automated on-line exercises to evaluate current performance and establish a desired future performance. This unique Web-based program allows for individual director personal performance assessment, whole-board performance evaluation, and peer-to-peer performance reviews.

Dr. Curtis J. Crawford, president and CEO of XCEO, has over 30 years as an industry executive. Dr. Crawford is the author of Corporate Rise: The X-Principles of Extreme Personal Leadership and Compliance & Conviction: The Evolution of Enlightened Corporate Governance. He is a director and former chairman of ON Semiconductor, a director of ITT Corporation and E.I. du Pont de Nemours, and a trustee of DePaul University.

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Michelle Ronco
XCEO, Inc.
4800 Great America Parkway
Suite 307
Santa Clara, CA 95054
PHONE. 408.855.0000 (x.105)
FAX. 408.855.0004
EMAIL: [email protected]

Belen Gomez
4800 Great America Parkway
Suite 307
Santa Clara, CA 95054
PHONE. 408-855-0000
FAX. 408-855-0004
EMAIL: [email protected]

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