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VibraSlim Fitness

Company Information :
VibraSlim Fitness
1231 Maricopa Freeway
Los Angeles, CA 90211
Ph. 1-877-888-4272

Media Contacts:
VibraSlim Vibration Fitness
PHONE. 1-877-888-4272

PHOTO: The Biggest Loser Winner Michael Ventrella Signed by VibraSlim as Spokesperson

Vibration exercise fitness used for fitness and health

For Immediate Release

LOS ANGELES/EWORLDWIRE/Jan. 8, 2011 --- VibraSlim Vibration Exercise Fitness announces that Michael Ventrella will be featured in VibraSlim's new global advertising campaign beginning January 2011. As VibraSlim's spokesperson, Ventrella joins VibraSlim's elite group of fitness experts, celebrities, and medical professionals who represent the VibraSlim brand.

Ventrella will appear in a global, multi-media campaign that will include video, print, in-store and Internet placements. The campaign's first video commercial for the VibraSlim Europlate Vibration Exercise Machine will launch in the U.S. market on Jan. 15, 2011, followed up by more spots later in the year. A comprehensive campaign shot by renowned photographers Steve and Harper Neilson of Eminjayin Productions will debut this month online.

"Michael's character, genuine warmth, as well as his commitment to fitness, really speak to the VibraSlim brand. Michael's journey - from being the largest contestant ever to appear on The Biggest Loser to winning the show after losing over half of his body weight - really aligns with VibraSlim's commitment to health and fitness," said Kelly Miller, president of marketing for VibraSlim. "Michael has not only lost over 264 pounds, but he has completely changed his life and is an inspiration to millions of his fans that followed his progress."

Ventrella expresses such passion for his family, charitable interests and career - all aspects of his very full and busy new life. "Michael's warm personality and family values fit right in with VibraSlim's own values, which makes him perfect for VibraSlim," said Miller.

Now back at home in Illinois, continues his weight-loss using VibraSlim's Europlate Vibration Exercise Machine as an intregal part of his daily workout routine. "The hardest part of getting in shape is sticking to your routine. VibraSlim makes it easy!" said Ventrella. "VibraSlim's fast fitness program is really suited to today's busy lifestyle, making vibration exercise very popular with Hollywood stars including Mark Walberg, Sophia Bush, Maddona and Gwen Stefani, to name a few."

"We are proud to work with Michael and to help people worldwide to lose weight and get in shape," added Miller.

VibraSlim's Vibration Exercise Machine is backed by over 750 medical research reports to be a very effective way to get in shape and lose weight fast. In fact, recent research has shown that whole-body vibration is up to four times more effective than traditional dieting and exercise at getting rid of belly fat. VibraSlim has a strong focus on research, development and education on whole-body vibration exercise and spent years developing its cutting-edge technology.

About VibraSlim Fitness

VibraSlim Fitness is the U.S.A.'s number one vibration exercise machine manufacturer and supplies doctors, hospitals, chiropractors, therapists, Hollywood celebrities and trainers worldwide. VibraSlim's whole-body vibration technology has been featured on The Doctors Show, The Tyra Banks Show, Fox News, NBC and Health Magazine. Visit the VibraSlim Web site to learn more about Vibration Exercise Fitness Machines and Whole Body Vibration.

VibraSlim's Web Sites

USA: http://www.myvibraslim.com
Canada: http://www.vibraslim.ca
Europe: http://www.vibraslim.eu

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Kelly Miller
VibraSlim Vibration Fitness
PHONE. 1-877-888-4272
EMAIL: [email protected]

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SOURCE: VibraSlim Vibration Exercise Fitness


Photo: VibraSlim's Michael Ventrella (size: 0.0 kb)
Michael works out with Vibration Exercise Machine

Photo: VibraSlim's Michael Ventrella (size: 0.0 kb)
Michael works out with Vibration Exercise Machine


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