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Company Information :
195 Lehigh Ave - Suite 5
Lakewood, NJ 08071
Ph. 732-363-0606
X 103 / 946
Fx. 732-363-5666

Incentive Loyalty Marketing Partners Expand Their Product Mix With UnbeatableSale's Inventory Topping a Million Items

Frosch Incentive Service Becomes Newest Client

For Immediate Release

LAKEWOOD, N.J./EWORLDWIRE/Feb. 16, 2011 --- Adding over a million products and a broader mix from UnbeatableSale to Frosch Incentive Service's offerings is improving Frosch's positioning with its clients.

Finding ways to strengthen relationships with customers, suppliers and vendors is not a new objective for many companies, and for those that are looking for ways to maintain and grow marketshare, a method that combines an extensive portfolio of brand name and unique products with award options helps to motivate and retain others' loyalty. Reports such as "The Economic Case for People Performance Management and Measurement" (FORUM, December 2007) make the case for programs that recognize others; companies with high levels of employee engagement improved their operating income by 19.2% over a 12-month period - a number impossible to ignore, for companies that want their companies to grow.

Frosch Rewards & Incentives performs comprehensive incentive management, designing custom programs which motivate, inspire and improve the behavior and production of the people who most impact each client's business.

UnbeatableSale's record of service attracted Frosch to the company: UnbeatableSale was named in 2009 to the Inc. 5000 fastest-growing companies, coming in at #72 in the retail sector, and at #1746 overall on the Top 5000, after growing in less than a handful of years to an operation over $20 million a year in sales.

Frosch learned that the partnerships UnbeatableSale has arranged deliver significant payoffs on the bottom line, while expanding the company's reach to new audiences of consumers. The arrangements UnbeatableSale secured present unbeatable pricing from product providers, benefitting partners with lower price points for a greater array of merchandise that has strong appeal across every market sector.

"Companies looking for the ultimate program to deliver a wide range of product at the best value, backed by a team of superior customer service representatives, find us an unsurpassable match," stated UnbeatableSale President Mike Martin. "To predict at any given moment what the buying public will need or want requires real dedication, and the right technology and tools, coupled with time and price-sensitive availability. We are focused on helping others understand the value of working with us – how we present an unparalleled opportunity to build a durable bond for the long-term."

According to Martin, partners gain access to the freshest selections of goods in hundreds of categories, from electronics to health care products. "We driven to present new and innovative ways to reach customers and build the UnbeatableSale brand, and to help our partners receive what they need, when they need it, at the prices they need it to be."

About UnbeatableSale

UnbeatableSale (http://www.unbeatablesale.com) is directed at developing unique and distinct niche marketplaces for people looking to uncover a low-cost bargain or replenishment item; its yields to the public's need for speed and ease without loss of quality or value.

To view a sampling of products and availability, visit UnbeatableSale's Web site at UnbeatableSale.com (http://www.unbeatablesale.com).

RewardsMalls.com is a property within the UnbeatableSale portfolio of niche Web sites targeting specific groups of online purchasing consumers. View RewardsMalls.com at http://www.rewardsmalls.com.

To learn more about UnbeatableSale and to discuss vendor opportunities, contact Mike Martin at 732-363-0606 Ext. 101.

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Mike Martin
195 Lehigh Ave - Suite 5
Lakewood, NJ 08071
PHONE. 732-363-0606

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SOURCE: UnbeatableSale Inc.


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