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35000 Adell Drive
Clinton Township, MI 48035
Ph. 586-790-3838

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Dody Johnson
35000 Adell Drive
Clinton Township, MI 48035
PHONE 248-357-4566

WADL- TV38 CEO and Owner Kevin Adell Terminates Kevin O'Brien for Violation of Numerous Corporate Policies

For Immediate Release

DETROIT/EWORLDWIRE/Feb. 22, 2012 --- WADL TV-38 Detroit announces that Kevin O'Brien, who has served as consultant for the past two months, has been terminated. WADL TV-38 Detroit cited violation of numerous corporate policies.

Prior to O'Brien's termination, CEO Kevin Adell instructed Rich Mazzari, a retired FBI agent, to conduct a thorough investigation. Upon review of Mazzari's findings, Adell determined O'Brien's termination be immediately effective.

Adell issued the following statement: "I am deeply saddened that in this day and age this type of behavior still exists. I have zero tolerance for this, and I will personally disgorge any money paid to Mr. O'Brien as a consultant for the past two months."

Contact: Denise Dody Johnson
Director of Public Affairs
248-357-4566 or [email protected]

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Dody Johnson
35000 Adell Drive
Clinton Township, MI 48035
PHONE. 248-357-4566

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