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Company Information :
Eye to Eye
50 Broad Street
Suite 1702
New York, NY 10004
Ph. 2125374429

Media Contacts:
Fred Miggins
Eye to Eye
212-537-4429 ext. 3
[email protected]

INFOGRAPHIC: July 30-Aug. 4: National Leaders Strengthen the 'Ripple' of Eye to Eye and 9th Annual Young Leaders Organizing Institute, Hosted at Brown University

Colo. Sen. Michael Bennet offers opening remarks; event begins at conclusion of LD / ADHD STRIKE OUT STIGMA NATIONAL TOUR

Media Advisory

NEW YORK/EWORLDWIRE/July 26, 2013 --- Over 150 students from across the country that arrive at Brown University for the 9th Annual Eye to Eye Young Leaders Organizing Institute (OI) have defied the odds. What they have done is achieved well beyond where national statistics have shown they would achieve, based on the labels they've been given: learning disabled, ADHD and dyslexic.

Eye to Eye, headquartered in New York City, has over 50 chapters throughout the U.S.

New York chapters are hosted at:

Partnered with PS 76 A. Philip Randolph, New York

Partnered with Geneva Middle School, Geneva

MARIST COLLEGE, Poughkeepsie, N.Y.
Partnered with LaGrange Middle School, LaGrange

Partnered with School of the Future, New York

Partners with the Scarsdale Rec Department, pulls in kids from various schools in the area

Grant Middle School, Syracuse

Partnered with Dover Elementary, Dover Plains

VASSAR COLLEGE, Poughkeepsie, N.Y.
Partnered with Ralph R. Smith Elementary School, Hyde Park

That Brown University is the venue for this year's OI is significant for several reasons, including its location as the founding chapter of Eye to Eye which is celebrating 15 years.

Hailing from high schools and colleges throughout the U.S., this group brings together youth identified for their leadership and ability, bringing their fledgling talents to bear in a national movement to change the conversation about LD / ADHD and representing the possibilities of the future for others carrying the labels.

During the Young Leaders Organizing Institute (http://eyetoeyenational.org/programs/organizing_institute.html), participants will experience an intense week of inspirational and tactical youth leadership training, before returning to their college and high school chapters to partner with elementary and middle school kids who have been similarly labeled.

Brown University is also the final stop of the LD / ADHD STRIKE OUT STIGMA NATIONAL TOUR, launched from San Francisco on July 19 by five college students, mentors and Think Different Diplomats with Eye to Eye, covering 3,150 and 12 days with events in 9 cities (http://eyetoeyenational.org/programs/tour-schedule-2013.html); the tour focuses on driving attention, literally, to the misconceptions surrounding learning disabilities, ADHD and dyslexia, and transforming the public conversation - to "strike out the stigma" - of the labels, and to empower others.

Among national leaders to show their support of Eye to Eye activity are Colorado Sen. Michael Bennet, who will open the OI (via recorded remarks), and California Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom, both of whom have had their own experiences with dyslexia. "As an individual with dyslexia, I know firsthand the challenges associated with the issue championed by the Eye to Eye mentors and Think Different Diplomats … [and who bring] hope to vulnerable, at-risk youth in all areas of the country," stated Newsom.

Co-founder and Chief Empowerment Officer of Eye to Eye, David Flink (Teachers College, Columbia University, M.A., '08), said, "Under Brown University President Christina Paxson, we have seen the commitment to the betterment of children's lives. It is fitting that we return to where we started to celebrate our achievements over the last 15 years and to launch our Think Different Diplomats and chapter leaders - those who will open others' eyes to the possibilities and bring opportunities for a brighter future to the next generation."

Flink references the backing of New Profit as a key factor in the Eye to Eye's future plans. Vanessa Kirsch, as one of the early investors of Teach for America and now numbering over 40,000 applicants and growing globally, and New Profit founder and managing director, brings her vast experience and mentoring skills in building significant social nonprofit organizations to the work of Eye to Eye. "Eye to Eye effectively meets a need in the education marketplace, providing an authentic voice for LD / ADHD students; it simultaneously challenges current pedagogical approaches and societal expectations of those with LD / ADHD. The organization has the potential to transform the lives of millions of students," said Kirsch.

According to Flink, "The impact - the ripple - begins with a mentor. The value of the common bond established through Eye to Eye is incalculable; youth who mentor or serve as Think Different Diplomats help those with LD / ADHD learn what is possible, and they go on to impact broader layers of the community, over time reaching into the highest levels of government bureaucracies and corporations."

"From coast to coast and beyond, our message resonates with national leaders such as California Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom and Colorado Sen. Michael Bennet, who are telling their story, and with the young people we engage with every day. Even those who haven't experienced different ways of learning themselves know someone who has struggled because of these labels," added Flink. "As we open OI, we recognize that together we have made remarkable progress and restate our commitment to transforming the outcome for so many more to come. Eye to Eye mentees become mentors; mentors become professionals and parents, often of their own kids with LD / ADHD. The serviced become those who serve - it's the Eye to Eye Ripple Effect. "

Eye to Eye is the only national LD / ADHD movement dedicated to mentoring. In addition to establishing core mentor/mentee relationships, Eye to Eye does much more to reach many more people with the organization's message, bringing people together both inside and outside the LD / ADHD community.

The Eye to Eye (http://www.eyetoeyenational.org) vision is simple yet bold: to create a world in which people with LD / ADHD are fully accepted, valued, and respected - not just by society, but also by themselves, that they live free from second thoughts or worry, and that they are ready, able and eager to apply their unique strengths to whatever they encounter in life.

Eye to Eye is determined to expand the safe space of its art rooms into society at large by normalizing LD / ADHD through open and honest conversation about it. The LD / ADHD Strike Out Stigma National Tour is a physical embodiment of this movement.

Follow Eye to Eye on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/eyetoeyenational or on Twitter at http://www.twitter.com/e2enational.

MEDIA: To arrange for interviews and to receive high resolution photos or video footage, contact Fred Miggins at 212-537-4429 ext. 3 or email [email protected]

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Fred Miggins
PHONE. 212-537-4429
EMAIL. [email protected]

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SOURCE: Eye to Eye


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Photo: INFOGRAPHIC: National Leaders Strengthen the 'Ripple' of Eye to Eye and 9th Annual Young Leaders Organizing Institute, Hosted at Brown University (size: 0.0 kb)
Colo. Sen. Michael Bennet offers opening remarks; event begins at conclusion of LD / ADHD STRIKE OUT STIGMA NATIONAL TOUR

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Photo: Eye-To-Eye World Record 2011: Largest Group of People With Learning Disabilities to Say, I'm LD And Proud To Be" at once. (size: 0.0 kb)
Video, filmed in August 2011, available on YouTube


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