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Company Information :
Eye to Eye
50 Broad Street
Suite 1702
New York, NY 10004
Ph. 2125374429

Media Contacts:
Fred Miggins
Eye to Eye
212-537-4429 ext. 3
[email protected]

VIDEO | PHOTOS: Vanessa Kirsch, Social Entrepreneur and New Profit Founder, Joins Eye To Eye Board of Directors

New Profit broadens access to resources and funds for growth

For Immediate Release

NEW YORK/EWORLDWIRE/Oct. 10, 2013 --- Eye to Eye, a national organization with a mentor-based program that builds self-esteem and self-advocacy in children with dyslexia, other learning disabilities, and ADHD, announces that Vanessa Kirsch, a social entrepreneur and founder of New Profit Inc., has joined its Board of Directors. New Profit, a nonprofit social innovation organization that Kirsch co-leads with Tripp Jones, works to increase social mobility by accelerating social impact through its financial and strategic support of world-class social entrepreneurs and organizations.

"As a leader of a mentoring movement, I have deep respect for and value strong mentors. We welcome Vanessa, whose mentorship will help guide us to achieve our vision of the future of the learning rights movement," said David Flink, Co-Founder and Chief Empowerment Officer of Eye to Eye.

New Profit selected Eye to Eye as one of its inaugural investments in a new social investment domain that supports organizations serving individuals who "learn and think differently" with social-emotional development needs. This new initiative brings together social entrepreneurs, funders, policymakers, and researchers in a comprehensive movement to address the holistic needs of every child.

Eye to Eye's selection for the New Profit portfolio - based on its successful results and replication to date - demonstrates it has the potential to create significant, long-term impact on the outcomes of children in education.

"Eye to Eye effectively meets a need in the education marketplace: to provide an authentic voice for LD / ADHD students, who are often marginalized in their own education as well as within the mainstream education reform movement," said Kirsch. "The organization has the potential to transform the lives of millions of students, simultaneously challenging current pedagogical approaches and societal expectations of those with LD / ADHD. David's deep personal and informed understanding of the field coupled with his systems-change orientation will be instrumental in driving a comprehensive movement that addresses the holistic needs of every child."

With its selection, Eye to Eye becomes the latest organization to benefit from New Profit's financial and strategic support. Current and former organizations in the New Profit portfolio include Teach For America, KIPP, and Year Up.

Kirsch is a serial social entrepreneur herself, having also started Public Allies and the Women's Information Network. In 1992, Public Allies was named by the George H. W. Bush Administration as one of eight model national service programs in America, and, in 1993, the Clinton Administration named it an official AmeriCorps national service model. Kirsch's work has been recognized by Ernst & Young, Forbes, Fast Company, Newsweek, U.S. News & World Report, the Boston Business Journal, and Duke University’s Center for the Advancement of Social Entrepreneurship. In 2013, Kirsch was named by The NonProfit Times to its "Power and Influence Top 50" and by Boston Magazine to its list of the "Most Powerful Boston Philanthropists."

View a message from Vanessa Kirsch on YouTube at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FvFr41_nRjw.

With over 55 chapters throughout the U.S., Eye to Eye is the only national mentoring movement that pairs kids labeled as "learning disabled" or LD / ADHD - or, as Co-Founder and Chief Empowerment Officer David Flink says, who "learn differently" - with similarly labeled college students as mentors. An art-based curriculum helps mentees build essential self-esteem, value their own unique minds, and inspire them to advocate for their needs in the classroom. The mentoring movement affects everyone involved, creating a new understanding of learning differences and raising expectations of those who carry that label. To learn more about Eye to Eye and find local chapters, visit http://www.eyetoeyenational.org or contact Fred Miggins at [email protected]

Since 1998, New Profit has helped a portfolio of social entrepreneurs build world-class organizations and scale their social impact. New Profit leadership believes that, just as entrepreneurship and invention have enabled the United States to create a productive, vibrant economy, so, too, can New Profit's investments harness America's spirit of innovation, vision, and optimism to help solve the most pressing social problems.

With the support of individual investors and its signature partner, Monitor Deloitte, New Profit provides multi-year financial and strategic support to a portfolio of social entrepreneurs working in education, poverty alleviation, workforce development, and other areas. In addition, New Profit brings together social innovators from across sectors at the annual Gathering of Leaders, and also drives other initiatives to release the potential of social entrepreneurship. Among these is America Forward, a nonpartisan coalition of nearly 50 social entrepreneurs and high-impact organizations. For more information about New Profit, visit http://www.newprofit.com or contact Libby Berke at [email protected]

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Fred Miggins
PHONE. 212-537-4429 ext. 3
EMAIL. [email protected]

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With Eye to Eye Chief Empowerment Officer David Flink


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