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Bright Valley Enterprises LLC
[email protected]

Company Information :
Bright Valley Enterprises LLC
116 Doolittle Rd
Corrales, NM 87048
Ph. 505-280-6100

PHOTO: Square Golf Ball Invented by N.M. Entrepreneur Phil Ellison, President of Bright Valley Enterprises LLC

Novelty gift unlike anything else.

For Immediate Release

CORRALES, N.M./EWORLDWIRE/Jan. 28, 2014 --- Inventor of The Square Golf Ball, Phil Ellison, says he "first thought of this concept in 1995 and, throughout the years, have looked for this item as a consumer, without luck."

"With renewed interest in 2011, I again searched for this item and, upon learning this product did not exist, I patented the product, located a manufacturer and began producing The Square Golf Ball in November 2013."

According to Ellison, President of Bright Valley Enterprises LLC located in Corrales, N.M., "The Square Golf Ball is a novelty gift item unlike any other in the world. It's contagiously unique to golfers and non-golfers alike. Everyone instantly wants to pick it up and take a closer look - A true conversation piece!"

The Square Golf Ball (http://www.thesquaregolfball.com) exhibits all of the characteristics associated with a traditional golf ball, except that this item is a perfect cube.

The Square Golf Ball is:

- Manufactured in the U.S.A.
- The same weight as a traditional golf ball: Weighs 1.6 ounces (46 grams)
- Has the same outer skin and dimple pattern as a traditional golf ball: A polyurethane resin dimpled cover as is used with most golf balls
- Features the same diameter as a traditional golf ball: Measures 1 5/8-inches cubed (a golf ball is 1 5/8 in diameter)
- Is instantly recognizable by anyone who has ever seen a traditional golf ball

"Making this product in the U.S. was a priority of mine. Overseas options were available and less costly but, as a veteran and a true believer in American ingenuity, the choice was obvious for me."

The Square Golf Ball is designed solely as a novelty item and not for use in golf, or any other sporting challenge.

The Square Golf Ball is truly universal in nature. "The uniqueness and intrigue exists regardless of a persons nationality, race, religion, gender, age, education level or spoken language," Ellison commented.

Ellison has more than 25 years of marketing experience in broadcast TV, the medical technology field and post-secondary business education development.

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Phil Ellison
Bright Valley Enterprises LLC
116 Doolittle Rd
Corrales, NM 87048
PHONE. 505-280-6100
EMAIL: [email protected]

KEYWORDS: Square Golf Ball, Novelty Gift, Corporate Gift

SOURCE: Bright Valley Enterprises LLC


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Square Golf Ball


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