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Company Information :
2480 Lawn Drive
East Meadow, NY 11554
Ph. 516-486-3902
Fx. internet

PenaltyBeGone Delivers New Platform to Remove Google Penalties

For Immediate Release

EAST MEADOW, N.Y./EWORLDWIRE/Feb. 10, 2014 --- PenaltyBeGone (PBG), the New York based search engine consulting firm, announces the launch of its proprietary platform for removing and preventing Google manual actions and its algorithm updates known as Panda, Penguin and Hummingbird.

Google's punitive actions are well documented in message boards covering every aspect of the industry. Since 2011 to the present day, alarm and outrage over Google's penalty rampage has grown tremendously. "We have seen a dramatic increase in the number of clients calling us because they have been penalized or they strongly suspect that they have been penalized by Google," said PenaltyBeGone CEO Michael Sherman.

As a result of the growing demand for a remedy and preventive medicine to ward off the Google search team, PBG developed a platform that uses proprietary in-house software and a unique process that has proven to be a highly effective tool in removing Google penalties. According to Sherman, the PBG platform will remove a much greater percentage of Google penalties than any options offered by competitors. "We firmly believe that our penalty removal and recovery service gives website owners the best chance of getting their penalty removed," said Sherman.

The PBG CEO also knows that getting a client's penalty removed is only the start of the process in restoring search engine rankings. "The penalties Google imposes are just the beginning of a nightmare for most webmasters," Sherman noted. "Uncertainty about the health of their website after penalties are removed is the biggest issue we hear about." He affirmed that recovering rankings can be more involved than removing a penalty. "Some websites recover quickly and some don't. The confusion is compounded because Google will only notify you about one of its manual actions, not an algorithm penalty."

PenaltyBeGone's primary business is in removing penalties and restoring search engine rankings, but the staff also knows how important it is to educate webmasters about best practices in preventing these issues from becoming recurring problems. As a part of its services, PBG also offers their clients a backlink and penalty monitoring service that will ultimately help them prevent penalties from occurring in the first place.

About PenaltyBeGone (http://www.penaltybegone.com)
PenaltyBeGone is a New York based search engine consulting firm. Primary services are removing Google penalties and restoring search engine rankings (SERP). PenaltyBeGone specializes in removing Google manual spam action penalties, Google unnatural link penalties and Google algorithm updates known as Google Panda, Google Penguin, and Google Hummingbird. Preventive services such as backlink and penalty monitoring services to keep domain owners from being penalized by Google again or incurring a search engine penalty in the first place are available.

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Robert Bernstein
East Meadow, NY 11554
PHONE. 516-486-3902
EMAIL: [email protected]

KEYWORDS: remove google penalty, google penalty removal service

SOURCE: PenaltyBeGone


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