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Carrington William Distribution

Company Information :
Carrington William Distribution


PHOTO: Professional Hair Salons and Beauty Supply Stores Soak Up Water Conservation Savings with the Tourmaline Eco Spray

New product delivers powerful shampooing while dramatically reducing water consumption

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RICHMOND, Calif./EWORLDWIRE/July 16, 2014 --- Going about business on a daily basis, salon owners might generally overlook the cost of water as an uncontrollable expense, unless they've converted their sinks to the Tourmaline Eco Spray from Carrington William Distribution Ltd. and experience the savings firsthand.

Distinct by its unique engineering, the sleek showering head concentrates water flow through micro-spray holes, effectively increasing water pressure while reducing the volume of water. Operation works on the same principle as placing a thumb to partially cover the end of a trickling garden hose: The fine pattern of the device restricts water flow, resulting in built up pressure, so escaping water sprays more powerfully.

In comparison testing to other salon spray hoses, the Tourmaline Eco Spray cuts water use by 78 percent and chlorine by 25 percent. Clientele and stylists are exposed to less water odor and recognize better results, during shampooing and with chemical services.

Also exclusive to the Tourmaline Eco Spray is the introduction of the tourmaline mineral contained within the apparatus. While the technology available with contemporary products has moved into the market rather unremarkably, the integration of tourmaline and other mineral elements is a relatively new appearance in hair care product lines, and most people are unaware of the underlying logic behind their introduction. It was discovered in the late 1800s that tourmaline is electronically charged, both when temperatures change (Pyroelectric effect) or when pressure is applied (Piezoelectric effect). Static electric charge resulting from rubbing an object against some other surface is the same kind of ion-induced charge that results from using hair dryers and irons.

The Tourmaline Eco Spray leverages negative ion creation to counter the impact of hair care products, while it delivers a more comfortable, massage-like scalp and hair washing.

The Tourmaline Eco Spray features hands-free operation; the shower head points down into the sink. The Tourmaline Eco Spray (http://www.t-ecospray.com) for commercial salons is available for $49.99 and may be found in retail salon suppliers in North America including Sally Beauty and Cosmoprof Professional Salon supply stores.

Sally Beauty - 1 800 ASK SALLY
Cosmoprof - 800 362-3186 Option 3
Cosmoprof Canada - 888 241-3330 Ext 2237

Videos and additional detail is available by visiting http://www.tourmalineecospray.com.

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John Laverock
Carrington William Dist
PHONE. 778 872-1786
EMAIL: [email protected]

KEYWORDS: water conservation, eco-friendly products, green products, hair salons, water-saving shower heads

SOURCE: Carrington William Distribution


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Photo: Professional Hair Salons and Beauty Supply Store New Product (size: 0.0 kb)
Tourmaline Eco Spray offers environmentally friendly green option for water conservation


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