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YNU Group Inc.
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Company Information :
YNU Group Inc.

, AL
Ph. 212-594-9480

PHOTO: THROUGH AUG. 29: Multiracial Doll Company MIXIS Animates Indiegogo Platform Users to Support Diversity Initiative

Media Advisory

NEW YORK/EWORLDWIRE/Aug. 1, 2014 --- Driven by fast moving demographic shifts in population that are changing the definition of race, MIXIS(TM) brand parent company YNU Group has unveiled fresh brand positioning and a major global marketing and crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo.

The goal: To raise $56,000 for an animated series pilot and website, MIXIS: ANIMATED (https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/mixis-campaign).

According to Debbie Goodland, company founder, "Brought together in a variety of ways including through immigration and intermarriage, minorities, multiracial and multiethnic people of all kinds who share two or more distinct racial backgrounds are often grouped together under the label of 'mixed race,' reflecting a lack of knowledge or understanding of the values, customs and traditions of specific races and cultures. MIXIS challenges traditional notions of race."

Goodland affirms the company's world-class reputation as a trustworthy, authoritative provider of high quality products and content relating to the multi-racial and multi-cultural experience is the ideal conduit to create, "MIXIS: ANIMATED." The series is designed to embody "authentic on-the-ground, real slice-of-life perspectives of a diverse group of MIXIS, including their families, friends and associates throughout the world."

In a fun and adventure-filled manner, unique, savvy and culturally relevant characters are "paired with dynamic and passionate storytelling. MIXIS characters will do more than tell a story: They will describe how it feels to experience situations influenced by racial factors first-hand."

"Each carefully crafted persona reflects individual experiences. Creatively targeted to an age 6 and over audience, the MIXIS: ANIMATED production is designed to foster self-esteem, to encourage creativity in all forms, and to promote an amalgamated multi-ethnic society based on social acceptance, inclusion, and respect of human diversity," stated Goodland.

Based on the concept, "Celebrate Yourself and Others Will Follow," MIXIS: ANIMATED is optimistic and celebratory, promoting respect and responsible values - the core of an increasingly diverse society.

"Regardless of background, teaching children to celebrate their individuality and uniqueness, and to respect and embrace all others who are different, and to show responsibility for actions and attitudes within their social groups - these elements form the foundation of life-long positive attitudes and values," added Goodland.

MEDIA: To receive additional high res images, photos, or product samples, artwork samples and information about the MIXIS: ANIMATED Mission, contact Paulette Cleghorn at DLPR on 212-594-9480 or by email on [email protected]

About YNU Group Inc.
Since 2005, YNU Group Inc. has been dedicated to developing interactive and stimulating, high quality products for a growing multiracial and multiethnic market. MIXIS-brand consumer products engage imagination and curiosity; they support exploration and celebration of individual uniqueness, and build self-esteem and pride in diverse heritages. With a theme of "Unity In Diversity," MIXIS fosters the cohabitation of opposites, breaking down barriers and opening dialogue.

Mixis JR(TM) (http://www.mixis.ca) celebrates the individual qualities of multiracial heritage. MIXIS JR characters empower children to celebrate unique differences and diverse racial and physical characteristics, culture and traditions, and explore similarities with others.

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KEYWORDS: children, mixed race, cartoons, children's toys, diversity, crowd funding

SOURCE: YNU Group Inc.


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The Mixis Girls: A celebration of unity in diversity, through animation.


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