Why You Should Bring Your Business to Houston

Houston is a huge economically and socially diverse city that has created the perfect setting for new businesses to thrive.  If you have been searching for the perfect place to build your empire then let us show you why you should bring your business to Houston.

Friend to Small Business

One of the biggest problems facing small business owners is capital and in business cash flow is king.  Texas, as a state doesn’t have any corporate or personal income taxes, leaving more money in your business.  The city makes the permit process as easy as possible and there are a ton of incentive programs to help you.  The Houston business community offers coaching, networking and collaboration to help you succeed.

Affordable Business Space

If you’re opening a new business you don’t have a ton of cash to spend on office or warehouse space.  Fortunately, Houston has you covered, there is everything from co-working space for a small startup to warehouse and industrial space for manufacturing.  No matter what you need Houston has the space that will fit your needs.

Excellent Transportation

Houston has a huge port, 3 airports, and rail options.  You can get your goods to where they need to go, quickly and affordably.  As far as getting around the city, you’re covered there too.  Houston has an excellent public transportation system that carries nearly 20 million people annually.

Excellent Talent Pool

Houston has some amazing schools that have given the city an incredibly talented and diverse workforce.  With the city’s population growing every year you will have no issue finding the right talent for your growing company.

 Diverse Economy

When you think of Houston you probably think of big oil first.  It’s true Houston is the headquarters of over 40 publicly traded oil companies but there is much more to the business sector than that. It is becoming a popular for tech startups with venture capital investments increasing by 250% since 2016.  You can find lots of businesses and each stage of development, creating a great environment for collaboration and growth.

Big Business is Here

Houston has a huge number of Fortune 500 companies that call the place home, only New York and Chicago have more.  These companies contribute an enormous amount of resources to the local economy.  Companies become more innovative to compete and to become vendors to these businesses.

Diverse Community

The growing population means a vast array of cultures and backgrounds of Houston residents.  Houston has become a cultural hotspot with more than 20 million tourists and business travelers. There are sporting events, technology summits, museums and art galleries, restaurants, and festivals, all of which indicates the economic prosperity within the city.