The Best Networking Events in Houston

The Best Networking Events in Houston

Networking is a fantastic way to make connections and expand your business.  If you’re new to Houston or new to networking, don’t worry there are some great events that you can attend to meet new people.  Here are some of the best networking events in Houston where you can get your foot in the door.

Network After Work Houston

Network After Work is a national organization with chapters in all major cities.  They are known for running great events that manage to be both fun and productive.  The locations are always amazing and they manage to make their events professional yet social at the same time.  If you are coming to Houston or even if you want to do business here then get yourself to one of these networking events.  Here is a look at one of them so you can see how great they are.

Social Young Professionals

If you are young and just starting your career and want to meet others with more in common with you then this is the event for you.  It is more socially focused and there is absolutely no pressure, it is perfect for meeting new people.  Think of it like getting together with friends after work and chatting about your day.  You can still make valuable connections while having a great time.

NetParty Houston

These guys are amazing at putting together a unique event.  They target young professionals who are looking to build their professional networks.  The events are mostly professional but there is a social aspect as well.  They also host “NetParty Turbo” which is similar to speed dating only for business networking, it is an awesome idea that lets you make connections fast.  They have an accompanying Facebook group with more than 1,000 members if local events aren’t your scene.

American Marketing Association

American Marketing Association

This one is pretty specific as it caters to those in the marketing field.  It has regular lunches, workshops, and annual award ceremonies to honor the best in Houston marketing.  This group goes a little beyond networking, you can find or post jobs as well as tap into other resources.  It is a great group to make connections with your peers if you’re in marketing.

Honorable Mentions

BNI and Meetup groups are also great places to find and make connections. BNI national organizations with chapters just about everywhere, but they do limit the number of members from each field, so you may not be able to join.  Meetups offer everything from knitting groups to business and everything in between, the key to success here is finding the right group to join.